FAQ for buyers


What is BEE?

BEE is a digital platform developed by Aries More; it’s a collaborative and intelligent ecosystem that allows sellers’ products to be shown to buyers through a selection of needs and features and then, choose, customize, order and track the products with few clicks.

Who are the users of BEE?

International buyers: importers, distributors, wholesales, retailers, Ho.Re.Ca selling points, shops

MSE (Medium, Small Enterprises): producing companies in food & beverage – wine & spirits, beauty & wellness, design sectors.

What is Aries More?

Aries More is an Italian innovative MSE that helps MSE sellers with international business development and to showcase their products to buyers from all over the world. Aries More represents the MSE system, underlining the company KPIs. Aries More represents a network of 1800 buyers in 72 countries. www.ariesmore.com

How can I get access to BEE?

You can access BEE by getting in touch with Aries More, BEE’s company. You can send an email to bee@ariesmore.com or click on ‘Get into the BEE world’ or ‘Get in touch now to have access to BEE’.

Where I can access the ‘Login’ area?

If you have already had the access credential (sent by Aries More), on the right side of the top menu, you can click on ‘Login’.