Welcome to BEE for Italy

The international campaign which aims to raise awareness and involve international buyers (importers, wholesalers, distributors, direct sales outlets, restaurants and bars, …), guiding them to maintain or increase the purchase of Italian products to support Made in Italy and in particular small and medium-sized enterprises at this very demanding and very complex moment.

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Who are we?

BEE in the business is the digital platform for immersive purchasing for importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and direct sales points in 72 countries: A.I. and algorithms are the basis of innovation in international commercial development.

From any place, at any time and in any circumstance and context through their devices, buyers can configure their purchase and procurement plans for Italian products, reducing the sell in, time to market and lead times. 

What are we doing right now?

BEE has decided to respond concretely to the emergency that Italy is experiencing with the international campaign BEE for Italy. We want to support Italian SMEs. 

The “lockdown” that many distant buyers read and perceive as a total closure of Italy is creating uncertainties, which in the coming months could lead to alternative commercial choices.

BEE for Italy is active with PR activities, institutional relations, commercial relations, social media and international media.

BEE for Italy says loudly to the whole world that the Italian SME is alive, is active, produces and wants to continue to be present in stores, shops, restaurants, bars and all over the world, now and even more after this emergency. 

BEE for Italy wants to further motivate buyers to purchase Italian products, guaranteeing products, the presence of companies, an expression of the values of the Italian system, its territories and its experience and know-how. 

BEE for Italy wants to transmit these messages all over the world to institutions, associations, federations, investors, buyers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, direct sales outlets, restaurants and bars and all those who can live the values and experience of our Made in Italy so that everyone can do their part to protect and support Made in Italy. 

We provide BEE in the business, the platform for immersive purchases for Italian SMEs, so that the network of our buyers and other international B2B players can easily purchase Italian products.

What do we ask to you?

We ask all Italy, all institutions, associations, federations, bodies and fair organisers, banks, investors, professional associations, the media, companies and SMEs all, for free membership as a support to “BEE for Italy” international campaign in favour of the most precious business fabric for the Italian economy.

Only in this way we can be a single united category, a single product, a single offer in the eyes of all foreign players. A single voice for Italian SMEs. 


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